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warrnambool, VIC 3280
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boring..wbool is a retirement village with above average crime...we have the beach,which is good for 30 days of the year.nightlife is boring.we have lockouts at pubs and 1 night club,which is also boring..only way to get a job here is to know someone..
will | Lifelong Resident 12:49pm, 15/08/15
People are rude and unless you know someone job prospects are nil.
John. | Lifelong Resident 05:56pm, 20/02/15
Warrnambool is a popular tourist destination.With beautiful beaches and gardens.The Fun for Kids festival is held each year, its a great place to live.Friendly, clean and affordable.Life here is a laid back country style but with great shopping/ services
Gail | Lifelong Resident 01:38pm, 09/01/15
Terrible weather. Spent a summer there and it didn't get above 20 degrees.
yelants | New/Visitor 06:16pm, 02/11/14
Beautiful city, great beach, relaxed lifestyle.
Fast Phil | Lifelong Resident 05:28pm, 02/11/14
Warrnie has everything... except a well-functioning City Council. Not the easiest place to live.
Stu | New/Visitor 11:41am, 19/08/14
living here is expensive locals are very rude weather is horrible i wouldn't recommend living here at all
stacey | Resident 11:43pm, 21/02/13
If you are a single parent who wants to work, you won't find Before school care or early start vacation care as either the city council or the local schools do not offer it. Summer is good, but weather is bad all year round. Not much to do on weekends.
suds | New/Visitor 09:45pm, 09/06/12
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