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Five tips for hiring a local marketer
Some people like to hire local online marketing providers, even though it’s not necessary. If you fall into this category, consider the following five tips.
Lessons to learn from the Lego success story
Ten years ago Lego was on the verge of bankruptcy but managed to pick up the pieces. As business owners, we can learn valuable lessons from the Lego story.
How to be unique without competing
Finding our uniqueness can be tough. But once we find it, we don’t necessarily have to treat everyone else as a competitor.
Top tips for writing top marketing emails
Despite the popularity of social media and content marketing, email marketing is still a force to be reckoned with. Here are some tips for email success.
Marketing your service: The seven Ps
Marketing a service requires a different approach to marketing a product. Find out the difference in order to increase your marketing success rate.
Three unforgivable target market mistakes
Savvy marketing decisions are based on knowing and understanding your audience. Here are three target market mistakes to avoid.
How to organise smooth-running events
Organising events and workshops are an excellent way to build your reputation and expand your network. Find out how to organise events that run smoothly.
Why marketing doesn’t win clients
I believe the main goal of marketing is to build awareness about your business and offerings. But does it create buyers? No. Engagement does!
How to prepare for a media interview
The more prepared you are for a media interview, the more professional you’ll come across. Let’s get you prepared!
Have I found marketing nirvana?
There’s a place where the marketing is cheap and the conversion rates are higher than anywhere on earth. It’s a nirvana that I was blind to, until now.