Small business planning

10 tips for running a business around a family
When I started my last business, I was pregnant with my first child. I was also completely delusional in that I expected life to go on as it had previously.
Does flying solo mean you need to find new friends?
If there’s one thing that's going to propel your business forward it’s being surrounded by like-minded, similarly motivated individuals. Here’s where you can find them.
Marketing mistakes you don't know you're making
Not all marketing mistakes are obvious, in fact some are so subtle you might not even realise you’re making them. Are you guilty of any of these?
How to deal with BSOAD
It’s so easy to lose focus when running a business – there are just so many things we need to be across. Whenever this happens to me I find there is one thing that restores clarity and gets me back on track in no time.
How to boost sales through your online store
Is your online store struggling? Here’s how to create an online marketing strategy that can attract customers at each of the five stages of the buying life cycle.
How to fight business fears
In small business, the hours can be more flexible and the rewards more satisfying, but the stakes are higher. The fear of business failure can be a constant anxiety, as Matthew White explains.
Why I ditched the to-do list
We all have that list of things to be done somewhere in the back of our minds – but is the act of having a list actually stopping us from completing it?
How to build a business you'll love
Ever found yourself years into a business journey and discovered, to your horror, that you didn’t love the business you’d built?
What CrossFit taught me about business
I’m not a big fan of labels but there are two I’m happy to have attached to me: CrossFitter and small business owner. I wear these two proudly but sometimes, they can both weigh heavily on my psyche.
Let go of 'having it all'
Coffee in hand, goal planner on the desk, it was time to reflect on 2015 before I planned my business goals for the year ahead.