Small business planning

Business health check that will boost profits
Streamlining your business can be a huge task, but also yield big profits. We look at three key areas of your business that could best benefit from a health check.
The heart of every solo business
Relationships are the foundation of all lifestyle businesses. Here’s how to communicate better with the people you encounter daily and ensure you’re on top of your relationship game.
How to make your product offering better in 2016
There are so many different ways to make your service or product better; how do you know which one to focus on?
Any value in a freebie?
You've likely been approached by people who want what you have, but aren’t prepared to pay for it. Say yes and all of a sudden you run the risk of giving away more than you’re selling.
Must-have checklist for selecting a delivery company
If you’re a company that sends goods via mail or courier, your delivery company will play a big part in the customer’s overall brand experience and your reputation. So don’t settle for second rate service.
Business lessons I had to learn the hard way
Ever heard the phrase: “Sometimes you’ve just got to learn things the hard way”? Yeah, I had too. But, like many before me I’m sure, I thought learning things the hard way was, well, for other schmucks. Not moi.
The five-hour work day goes on school holidays
It’s relatively easy to see how a five-hour workday can be executed during school hours. But what is one to do when the kids are on school holidays?
Your RAS: what it is, and how to activate it for goal setting success
If you’re currently contactable via at least 20 different ‘inboxes’ between email, your phone and social media you’ll know managing them is a lot of work and hugely distracting to productivity.
How to delegate well according to your stage of business growth
So often we’re told that “big is beautiful” and how the path to business success is continual growth. But what’s wrong with staying small?
The Christmas coffee crunch
When the Christmas and New Year period is a high demand time for your business - should you take the money, or the well-earned break?