Small business planning

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So often we’re told that “big is beautiful” and how the path to business success is continual growth. But what’s wrong with staying small?
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Top 10 tips for starting a business
Yellow Brick Road's Mark Bouris shares his top 10 business principles for starting a business.
Difficult conversations are hard. This will make them easier.
Most business owners will do anything to avoid a difficult conversation. I think it’s time to suck it up and get tough.
Giving back: boost sales while changing the world
The act of giving back is known as social responsibility. Find out why it’s important for your business, and how to be a socially responsible solopreneur.
How to get all your work done in 5 hours a day
Tired of working nights? Struggling to fit all your work into the short school day? These nine tips will help you work 5 hours a day.
The epic guide to leveraging your book for your business
Publishing for entrepreneurs is more popular than ever, but what most don’t realise is that a business book isn’t a viable income stream. Instead, discover how you should be leveraging a book for business.
7 steps to writing a standout LinkedIn recommendation
Being asked to write a LinkedIn recommendation terrifies most people. It is right up there with giving a speech on the fear and avoidance scale. These seven steps makes things easy.
How to get mainstream media coverage on any budget
Major media is more accessible that you realise. Here we discuss the three ways in which your brand can get awesome exposure no matter what your budget.
Is mental health part of your business plan?
We spend a lot of time working on marketing and financials and finding new clients ... and these are key to running a successful business, but the mental health component of running our businesses is as crucial as these, but often ignored.