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Small business planning

Confidentiality agreements: What, when, how!
Got a great idea? The best way to protect it is through a confidentiality agreement. Find out more.
Is a victim mindset holding back your biz?
Businesses that are stuck in ‘victim mode’, regardless of the reason, can struggle to prosper. Learn how to break the cycle, be empowered and transform.
Why things go wrong. An alternative view.
Has October been a magnet for misfortunes? Have gadgets stopped working or communication problems arisen? Here’s why. Well, an alternative view anyway.
Four common mistakes of startup budgets
In this article I’ve identified the most common startup budgeting mistakes that business owners tend to make, and how to avoid them.
Why and how to create your perfect business
For the past 17 years I’ve been staying in business, now, after creating a powerful vision, I’m working toward flourishing in my perfect business.
Why and how to develop the No Excuses Mindset
The No Excuses Mindset has contributed the most to my success and resilience. In this article I’ll explain why it’s important and how to develop it.
Five myths you need to beat before they beat you
Soloists can believe some long-held myths are actually true. Unfortunately, if they’re not debunked, these myths can drive small business into the ground.
The business lessons I learnt from my Grandma
My amazing grandmother practiced the principles of quality management as part of her everyday life. Here are four invaluable business lessons I learnt from her.
How to outsmart your online competitors
In this article find out who you’re competing with online and what useful insights you can gather from their marketing strategy.
Products: Six ways to rock the retail world
Would you like retailers to stock your products? If so, your products need to be outstanding. Here are six steps to help you rock the retail world.