Small business planning

7 steps to getting started with content curation
Are you struggling to build lasting online relationships? Content curation is a great way to build a thriving online community and create raving fans.
Shopping cart abandonment: what you can do about it!
Statistics have shown that consumers leave items in their online shopping carts at least 70% of the time. What if you could convert even half those abandonments into sales?
We all have a Dangerous Voice – and it has huge power
If we want to communicate with authenticity and authority, first we need to remove some fear-based conditioning. Then we can find the power in our Dangerous Voice.
Appreciating the joy of small
So often we’re told that “big is beautiful” and how the path to business success is continual growth. But what’s wrong with staying small?
What happens when dads abandon the corporate world for soloism
Recently, I was at school pick-up and found it quite interesting (and awesome) to see that there were almost as many dads there as mums. And it got me thinking.
What advice would you give your 18-year-old self?
Recently, when reflecting on a 30-year history as an entrepreneur I was asked: “if you were sitting face-to-face with your 18-year-old self, who was just in the process of starting their business, what advice would you give?”
How I get the ‘important’ done first
We all find it hard to stop the urgent getting in the way of the important. Here’s a bulletproof method for ensuring you get to work on your business every day.
How more sales can cause cash-flow problems
A big boost in sales seems like a dream come true, but there can be a cash-flow sting in the tail. Here’s how to manage increased sales growth like a pro.
How to partner your way to a bigger business
Does a steady stream of pre-qualified new clients sound like a bit of a dream? It doesn’t have to be if you find the right referral partners.
Three things every work-at-home-parent should know
Thinking of taking the plunge and starting a business you can run from home with kids underfoot? Corryn would like to clear up some common misconceptions for you!