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Small business planning

Five myths you need to beat before they beat you
Soloists can believe some long-held myths are actually true. Unfortunately, if they’re not debunked, these myths can drive small business into the ground.
The business lessons I learnt from my Grandma
My amazing grandmother practiced the principles of quality management as part of her everyday life. Here are four invaluable business lessons I learnt from her.
How to outsmart your online competitors
In this article find out who you’re competing with online and what useful insights you can gather from their marketing strategy.
Products: Six ways to rock the retail world
Would you like retailers to stock your products? If so, your products need to be outstanding. Here are six steps to help you rock the retail world.
Do you have these four small business addictions?
In business, and life, we repeatedly make resolutions. Problem is, cold turkey never works (for me anyway!).
Five signs your business needs systemising
Systemising is rubbish, right? You need the freedom to run your business just the way you like…until you see these five scary signs that say, ‘systemise me’.
Benchmarks: How to audit-proof your business
Audits are stressful. In this article, find out what business benchmarks are and how you can use them to help audit-proof your micro business.
Lessons from Scrabble: starting afresh
In a recent after-dinner game, one of my opponents chucked it all in…and won. What if business could play by the same rules?
How to plan a successful website
The prospect of a new website brings excitement and opportunity, but the delays, additional costs, and indecision can eventually wear you down. Not anymore.
Five lessons learnt from 10 years in business
This year marks 10 years since I established my business. After experiencing the highs and lows, I like to think that I’m wiser and have lessons to share.