Managing people

Why honesty is the best policy
Ever told somebody work is really hectic when really you’re waiting for the phone to ring? Practising some honesty can produce better results than you might realise.
How to get off the business hamster wheel
Do you feel like you are just going through the motions in your business? Then it might be time to figure out a different way of measuring progress.
I know you don’t like me, and that’s okay
Many solopreneurs worry about their image and their likability. But embracing your flaws and being yourself can lead to a more successful, stress-free business.
The dangerous relationship between stress and sleep
Stress is part of every life, and of course, it’s a big part of running any business. But when stress starts to affect your sleep, you quickly find yourself caught in a vicious cycle.
Five priceless soloist freedom
This year I came close to closing my business, which means I nearly lost my five priceless soloist freedoms.
Soloism: My journey with guilt and loneliness
These days I am a proud and happy soloist, but soloism had its struggles in the early days. This is my journey.
Soloist challenge: How to deal with advice
I’ve recently had to reassess my soloist future as well as deal with people’s well-meaning but uninvited advice. Here’s my story.
The naked truth about working at home
Going solo can make you feel a little exposed. But that exposure can be enjoyable. Discover the secret many soloists are too scared to share.
Work in the Nude Day. The do’s and don’ts.
I’m a big advocate of Work in the Nude Day (WIND). In fact, to get into the spirit of things, I decided to write this article in my birthday suit.
How to break up with your clients gracefully
The time may come when you have to utter those five little words, “It’s not you, it’s me”. Here’s how to break up with clients gracefully.