Managing people

Are you a maker or a manager?
APR 09, 2014
Between sales, marketing and admin, soloists often talk about the challenges of wearing many hats. But for me, only two matter: my maker hat and my manager hat.
Confidence: Cracking the conundrum
MAR 25, 2014
Confidence is a term everyone uses, but what does it mean to be a confident person? Let’s find out.
Soloists, are you ever really the boss?
FEB 25, 2014
Are you ever really the boss? It’s an unfortunate fact of life that everyone has at least one boss, and often many more than one! Allow me to explain.
Testimonials: Know the new laws or pay
FEB 25, 2014
It’s nice to be loved by your customers, but be sure that your testimonials comply with new ACCC guidelines, or you could pay an enormous fine.
25 signs you're a horrible boss
DEC 18, 2013
Being the boss of a small business means you have better relationships with your employees, right? Not so fast. Check your traits against this list to see whether you’re a lousy leader.
How to harness the power of 'no'
DEC 04, 2013
This simple word can increase productivity, reduce distractions and help you focus on what’s important. But is ‘no’ always the right thing to say?
Business with a baby
OCT 02, 2013
Resuming business after having a baby was always going to be a challenge. But I was as prepared for it as possible… or so I thought.
Take charge… like a boss!
JUN 18, 2013
Many Flying Solo members say the best and worst thing about being a soloist is being in charge. Why the lack of confidence? Here are my tips for taking charge like a boss.*
Beware the ‘man with the gun’ in your business
JUN 03, 2013
What if there was someone in your business with the power to bring down the whole shooting match? Chances are there is, and it’s critical to know exactly who has their itchy finger on the trigger.
Is it time to give yourself an annual review?
MAY 09, 2013
For most of us who have struck out on our own, breaking away from corporate bureaucracy is one of the many advantages of flying solo. However, an annual performance review is an essential business tool.