How to advertise

Could you be tempted to re-run the rat race?
It’s easy to get the impression that everyone in corporate land is quietly plotting their escape from the rat race to run their own business. But, it’s not a one-way street.
Why your product biz needs a Promotional Plan
A Promotion Plan outlines the tools or tactics you use to achieve your marketing goals. Here’s why you need one.
Do you love your logo?
We’ve been chatting a lot about logo design in the Flying Solo forum recently, and that got me thinking about the logos that represent my two businesses.
How to love and leverage Limelight Moments
Limelight Moments are exceptional events or activities that can be leveraged to help you stand out from the crowd. Enjoy your moment in the limelight!
How to get speaking gigs
The secret to getting speaking gigs is to first become recognised as someone whose ideas matter. Here’s how to do it.
Why changing your name could be bad for business
Female soloists planning to take their husband’s name after their nuptials really need to stop and think. Dropping your maiden name could have a significant effect on your business.
How to create a cost-effective TV commercial
TV advertising isn’t only for companies with sky-high budgets. With a little innovation, it’s possible to produce cost effective TV commercials for small businesses.
Car dealer 'lied about using daughter in raunchy ads'
A US car dealer who was accused of exploiting his daughter in raunchy photos on eBay has now claimed he lied about the scantily-clad woman pictured being related to him.
Content marketing for small business
In an environment that’s overloaded with marketing messages, content marketing could help you stand out from the crowd. So what is it and how might you use it?
How strong is your brand?
Having a strong brand will help you attract customers, keep customers and continue to grow. Have you thought about yours lately?