Small business funding

How to create a micro business succession plan
JAN 20, 2014
Whether retirement is imminent or a distant thought, creating a succession plan for your micro business will help ensure your stability and its survival after you leave.
How to get paid: issuing a letter of demand
JAN 20, 2014
Getting paid is essential to the survival of your business. So what happens when clients don’t?
How to prepare a budget for your small business
NOV 15, 2013
A budget is the most important tool a business can have, helping it to meet its goals, become more profitable, and assist it through tough financial times. Here’s how to create one.
Financing options for micro businesses
NOV 05, 2013
Establishing a new business – or growing your current one – usually requires extra funds, but how do you find them?
Five things to know about saving money for your business
OCT 31, 2013
You have to spend money to make money, according to the old adage. But any business, large or small, has to be smart about how it spends its money. Making smarter spending decisions will not only save your business money, it will improve your cash flow, boost your profits and help you grow.
Four key financial reports you need to run your business
OCT 31, 2013
Many small-business owners find financial reporting daunting, but ignore it at your peril. Here are the key reports you need to understand to run your business effectively.
Five things to know about hiring and retaining employees
OCT 03, 2013
One of the biggest challenges small business owners face is hiring the best possible people to help build their business. Recruitment is one of the most important aspects of being in business.
Forecasting unpredictable cash flow
JUL 09, 2013
Creating a cash-flow forecast is essential to developing a clear business plan, but how can you prepare one if your cash flow is unpredictable?
How to use debt to your advantage
JUN 24, 2013
Not all debt is bad. In fact, 'good' debt is often the key to allowing your business to grow and thrive. Here’s how to make debt work for you.
Tips for managing overdue accounts
JUN 18, 2013
Chasing unpaid invoices doesn't have to be a stressful process. These tips will help you get your overdue accounts under control and prevent them from happening again.