Small business funding

How to claim for Hockey's $20,000 tax break
Small businesses were the big winners in last night's budget, with $5 billion of tax relief and various incentives to encourage entrepreneurship, capital purchases and employing more workers.
Young rich lister heads back to his roots
The last time Paddy Coughlan was the boss of a startup was five years ago when he had $5000 in the bank he’d borrowed from his best mate’s dad.
Unlock the secrets in your financial reports
Armed with your profit and loss statement, balance sheet and some simple tricks accountants use, you can unlock valuable information about your business.
Understanding cash flow forecasting
Forecasting your cash flow helps you determine when you’re likely to be short of cash, giving you time to minimise the problem before it becomes a disaster.
The 2014 Federal Budget and small business
The 2014 Federal Budget has delivered significant changes for small and medium enterprise (SME). Let’s find out how the changes may affect your business.
Crowdfunding: How to raise heaps of cash
Aussie soloist, Darren Yeow, raised $30,000 in three hours for his Kickstarter project – over $120,000 in total. Let’s learn more.
Your home office and capital gains tax
Do you work from home? With a growing number of home-based businesses, the tax office now has you on their radar, so know your capital gains tax.
How to create a micro business succession plan
Whether retirement is imminent or a distant thought, creating a succession plan for your micro business will help ensure your stability and its survival after you leave.
How to get paid: issuing a letter of demand
Getting paid is essential to the survival of your business. So what happens when clients don’t?
How to prepare a budget for your small business
A budget is the most important tool a business can have, helping it to meet its goals, become more profitable, and assist it through tough financial times. Here’s how to create one.