Customer service

How to gain your clients' respect
JUL 10, 2014
You treat your clients with respect, right? But it’s equally important that they respect you too. Here are some tips to help gain and maintain their respect.
Need more business? Look after your lovers
APR 09, 2014
The people who have supported me the most are the people who already know and love me. Your strongest advocates are close at hand, stay in touch with them.
Yes, you DO work in customer service
JAN 16, 2014
Here’s some news for you: Your field of expertise might be graphic design, bookkeeping or insurance, but no matter what you do – you actually work in customer service.
Business growth: enhancing your customer experience
NOV 15, 2013
Of the many ways to increase profitability in your business, giving your customers an experience they’ll never forget is a highly effective one.
Three reasons you shouldn’t copy Terms and Conditions
OCT 08, 2013
When creating Terms and Conditions for your website, you might wonder why you can’t just copy those of a similar business. Here are three key reasons.
How to deal with procrastinating clients
SEP 10, 2013
About once a year, procrastinators start to get to me. My leads list becomes full of ditherers but I want to focus on the doers. So I’m ready to cull.
Forget Facebook - try face-to-face
MAY 29, 2013
Much as I love interacting with customers on social media, I’ve recently been reminded how much more I love talking with them in person.
Pricing for wimps: Raising prices
APR 18, 2013
Last September my hairdresser and I had our seven-year anniversary. While we were reminiscing on our 84 afternoons together it dawned on me that he had never – never! – put his prices up.
Lessons for soloists from My Kitchen Rules
MAR 20, 2013
I've recently become addicted to My Kitchen Rules (MKR), not because I have any culinary aspirations of my own, but because it has so much to teach us about business. Well, that's my excuse anyway, and I'm sticking to it.
Make the most of customer complaints
FEB 13, 2013
Complaints are an inevitable part of running a business. After all, it’s impossible to please everyone all of the time. Instead of looking at complaints negatively, see them as a great opportunity to improve your customer service.