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Welcome to Managing money where you'll find articles, tools and calculators on how to save, spend and earn money - as well as the latest news on banking, tax and life events.
How to be savings savyWe’re well into a new financial year, and having got your taxes out of the way it’s time to think about making your money work harder for you. Saving sounds good in theory, but where do you start...
Apprentices should be paid more: ETUThe Electrical Trades Union wants apprentice wages increased to help with living expenses and encourage people to complete their training.
AMP lifts financial advice standardsAMP is lifting the standards its army of investment advisors must follow following scandals that engulfing the CBA and Macquarie Group.
Donald Lawson. (AAP)Hefty taxes leave Powerball winner miffedA US railroad engineer and self-described "hillbilly" is less than impressed that the tax man is getting a big chunk of the $337 million he won in the latest Powerball lottery.
Divorce is bad for bank account: researchNew Australian research shows those who divorce lose out financially, to the tune of up to $762,000 for men and $645,000 for women by age 55.
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