Personal loans

Personal finance rose 2.6% in Sept
NOV 13, 2012
The value of personal finance commitments in Australia rose by 2.6 per cent in September, official data shows.
Frugal households content with finances
OCT 17, 2012
Australian households are more comfortable with their finances than at any point in the past two years, a survey shows.
Surviving university debt
FEB 21, 2012
University debt levels are at an all time high, but you can manage the burden, writes Margie Sheedy*
Household debt falling but still high: RBA
MAR 24, 2011
Australian households are saving more and paying down their debt thanks to a strong economy but indebtedness remains historically high, the central bank said.
Pension loans scheme
SEP 27, 2010
If you’re an asset-rich but cash-poor retiree in need of some extra cash it’s worth looking into the federal government’s pension loans scheme.
A package product but not for your home loan
AUG 04, 2010
Is it worth the $18 monthly fee?
Special rules for capital protected loans
JUL 21, 2010
The latest federal budget has reminded investors interested in using a capital protected loan to take full account of the special tax rules that apply.
Dealing with loan knock-backs
NOV 01, 2007
Credit is as ubiquitous as money itself in the 21st century. Most people will apply for a loan at some stage in their life, be it a mortgage, a car loan, a personal loan or a credit card.
Bumpy ride: buying a second hand car
SEP 17, 2007
Plenty of people borrow to buy their dream car — but watch out, it's a road pitted with potholes.
Going on holiday? Consider a personal loan
NOV 06, 2006
If you don't want to load up the credit card, a personal loan is the way to go without too much pain, says Maria Bekiaris.