Credit debt

Spanish village to grow cannabis to pay debts
APR 11, 2012
The Spanish village of Rasquera has adopted in a referendum a plan to rent out a field for growing cannabis in an urgent bid to create jobs and raise money to pay off its debts.
Your credit history could soon be up for sale
OCT 27, 2011
Information about what shoppers buy on their Visa and MasterCard credit cards could be used to target individuals with online advertising.
Savvy consumers paying down plastic debt
OCT 20, 2010
Credit card issuers could be getting less revenue as Australian consumers make a greater effort to pay off their credit card debt, research shows.
Credit cards: always check the fine print
MAR 24, 2010
Miss a payment on your credit card and you’ll find yourself screaming “Can they really do that?” A not-so-quick flick through the terms and conditions and you’ll find the answer: “Yes they can!”
Handling your HECS debt
NOV 17, 2008
To pay or not to pay — that is the question. When your income is high enough to trigger compulsory repayments of your Higher Education Loan Program (HECS-HELP) debt, should you be rushing to pay it off as quickly as possible or just pay the minimum amount?
The end of credit as we know it
OCT 28, 2008
The October global financial crisis struck fear and loathing into western consumer hearts around the world.
Loan shark hunting: dodgy lending to be outlawed
AUG 13, 2008
Watch out, loan sharks! A national regulation being touted could wipe out dodgy lending practices in Australia.
Student debt: pay off now or later?
NOV 08, 2007
Student debt: pay off now or later?
Debt and the gender gap
OCT 05, 2007
Gender credit gap puts women on top when it comes to paying debts.
Don't get too comfortable with your debt
JUL 09, 2007
Don't get too comfortable with that debt — it might just stop you from paying it off. By Allison Tait