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Canada boosts trade surplus in June

Reported by AAP
Thursday, August 7, 2014
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Canada has posted a larger trade surplus of $Can1.9 billion ($A1.9 billion) in June as exports rose to a record high and imports fell slightly, the government's statistics agency announced Wednesday.

The figure was up from $Can576 million the previous month, beating analysts' expectations.

Exports increased to $Can45.2 billion, led by higher exports of unwrought precious metals and precious metal alloys, unwrought nickel and nickel alloys.

Canada exported more pharmaceutical and medicinal products, prepared and packaged seafood products, and miscellaneous goods and supplies in the month.

Crude oil and crude bitumen exports also reached a record high of $Can8.9 billion, but exports of passenger cars and light trucks dipped for the first time in months.

Imports meanwhile decreased to $Can43.3 billion.

Imports of lead ores and gold bullion, communications and audio and video equipment, pharmaceutical and medicinal products, clothing, and footwear fell.

Imports of motor vehicle engines and motor vehicle parts were also down but imports of passenger cars and light trucks rose.

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