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Invion eyes success with quit smoking drug
The developer has successfully completed Phase 2 clinical trials for Nadolol in patients trying to quit smoking.
BoQ prepares for potential class action
The Bank of Queensland says it is prepared to defend itself against a potential class action.
Wall St execs should have been jailed
Former Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke says the Wall Street executives responsible for triggering the GFC should have been jailed.
Demand for SUVs drive vehicle sales
More than 100,000 new vehicles were sold last month with strong sales growth for SUVs continuing to steer the market, industry figures show.
Services sector give jobs market a boost
Job ads rose 3.9 per cent in September, getting a boost from the services sector which is benefitting from the lower Aussie dollar.
Union contract helps NZ Steel cut costs
New Zealand Steel has negotiated a new contract with the EPMU that recognises "the business was facing a pretty dire scenario". rec
St George's online banking services down
St George bank customers are having to get money from ATMs, EFTPOS and their credit cards due to a system failure that's hit online services.
UAE to invest $US35 bln in clean energy
The UAE says it will invest $US35 billion in clean every over the next six years, focusing on nuclear and solar projects.
Services sector expands for a fourth month
The Services sector is enjoying its longest continuous period of expansion in seven years, helped by the falling Aust dollar and record low interest rates.
Inflation stays below 2 pct
Inflation was 1.9 per cent in September, and has stayed below two per cent all year, TD Securities/Melbourne Institute inflation gauge shows.