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US stocks head higher
US stocks have opened slightly higher despite a rise in Ukraine tensions and a disappointing report on consumer spending.
US stocks sink on Ukraine concerns
Worries over the Ukraine crisis have prompted US stocks to open sharply lower despite encouraging data on US economic growth and jobs.
US shares open higher
Five minutes into trade, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was up 65.50 points (0.39 per cent) to 17,066.72.
Economic data, earnings lift US stocks
Worries over Ukraine geopolitics returned to markets on Friday, when Russia sent a convoy of trucks into Ukraine without authorisation.
US stocks mostly down on Yellen, Ukraine
A speech by the head of the US Federal Reserve and increasing unease over the Russian aid convoy in Ukraine have pushed US stocks lower.
US stocks open lower ahead of Fed speech
US sharemarkets have dropped slightly at the opening bell, ahead of a major speech my Janet Yellen, the head of the Federal Reserve.
US stocks rise after BofA settlement
Following a drop in US jobless claims and news of the Bank of America's record settlement over dodgy mortgages, Wall Street stocks have opened higher.
US stocks dip ahead of Fed minutes
Five minutes into trading on Wednesday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 14.70 points, following mixed corporate earnings reports.
US stocks open up on strong housing data
US stocks have opened higher on the back of strong housing construction data and a solid earnings report from Home Depot.
US stocks gain, discounter battle hots up
About 30 minutes into Monday trade, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was up 132.77 points (0.80 per cent) at 16,795.68.