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$A rallies on strong economic data
Strong building approvals and international trade figures have given the Australian dollar a boost.
Kiwi has brief flurry above 79 US cents
Traders have taken advantage of an over-sold kiwi dollar to squeeze it briefly above 79 US cents.
$A nears 88 US cents after strong data
The Australian dollar is much higher after the release of strong international trade and building approvals data.
US dollar gains on euro, drops against yen
The US dollar gains on the euro after data gives a mixed report the world's biggest economy, but retreats from a six-year high against the yen.
$A bounces back from another 8-month low
The Australian dollar has moved higher after hitting another eight month low after the release of weak retail spending figures.
$A back above 87 US cents
The Australian dollar has bounced back from the eight-month low it hit after the release of weaker-than-expected retail spending figures.
NZ dollar loses momentum after dairy dip
A decline in dairy prices to their lowest point in more than five years weighs on the NZ dollar afetr it staged something of a recovery.
$A drops on disappointing retail sales
The Australian dollar has been knocked lower by disappointing retail sales figures.
Aussie dollar drags kiwi lower
The kiwi has been dragged down against the greenback following worse-than-expected Australian retail data, but has gained against other major currencies.
US dollar breaks 110-yen level
The greenback has soared as high as Y110.09 in Tokyo trade, its highest level since August 2008.