Currency news

$A down as retail trade disappoints
The Australian dollar has slipped after local retail trade figures fell short of market consensus, decreasing 0.1 per cent in July.
US dollar rises as markets ride volatility
Equity markets are on edge waiting for the US Federal Reserve's first rate hike in more than nine years.
$A bounces on US equities, China holiday
After hitting a six-year low, the Australian dollar has bounced as US equities firmed and China's stock market closed for a national holiday.
NZ dollar declines on US data
Jobs and economic acitvity data out of the US helps lift the greenback while the NZ dollar declines.
$A rises slightly as global markets firm
The Australian dollar has risen as global markets stabilised, including China's, which recouped early heavy losses to close 0.2 per cent lower.
$A dips below 70 US cents - twice
The Australian dollar is sharply lower, dipping below 70 US cents for the first time in six years on renewed local economic worries.
Weak growth sends $A below 70 US cents
The Australian dollar has fallen back below 70 US cents due to weaker than expected economic growth in the June quarter.
Kiwi gains against Aussie dollar
Lower-than-expected Australian economic growth and higher dairy prices have boosted the kiwi dollar against its Australian counterpart.
$A dips below 70 US cents on weak growth
The Australian dollar has dipped below 70 cents after economic growth figures showed a disappointing 0.2% rise in GDP for the June quarter.
US dollar falls on China worries
The euro has risen 0.9 per cent against the US dollar, while the greenback slid 1.4 per cent against the yen.