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$A falls as US dollar strengthens
The Australian dollar is lower as the greenback rallies, helped by next year's anticipated US interest rate rise.
NZ dollar edges higher
The attractiveness of the NZ dollar for investors seeking a decent yield leads the currency to edge higher in pre-Christmas trading.
$A falls on US interest rate expectations
The Australian dollar is lower as the greenback rallies, helped by next year anticipated US interest rate rise.
US dollar up on expectations of Fed action
The US dollar is higher against other major currencies.
$A recovers as local share market climbs
The Australian dollar has recovered from its lowest point in more than four years as the share market enjoyed a Christmas rally.
Kiwi at 11-month high against Aussie
The Reserve Bank of Australia is beating NZ's central bank in the "currency wars", trying to talk their own currency down.
$A gaining ground after Fed meeting
The Australian dollar is higher after hitting four-and-a-half year low on Thursday.
Dollar rises on euro as Swiss franc drops
The US dollar again forged higher against the euro and the yen following Wednesday's Federal Reserve announcement that kept interest rates low.
$A bounces after hitting to 4.5 year low
The Australian dollar is higher, bouncing from the record lows it reached after the US Federal Reserve meeting.
NZ dollar edges up after Swiss move
The NZ dollar has headed higher as investors seek extra yields over the holiday season after the Swiss central bank imposed negative deposit rates.