Currency news

Investors selling off $A after RBA cut
The Australian dollar is dropping rapidly with nervous investors believing that the Reserve Bank is set to cut rates again.
NZ dollar static ahead of payroll data
The NZ dollar trades in a tight range as traders await the release of key US payroll data on Friday.
$A sinking on lingering rate cut concerns
Markets are still reacting to the Reserve Bank's cash rate cut on Tuesday by selling off the Australian dollar.
Strong greenback pushes $A lower
The Aussie dollar has joined all major currencies in slipping against a stronger US dollar, a day after the RBA rate cut pushed the $A down.
$A continues to fall
The Australian dollar has fallen again on Wednesday after a sharp decline in the wake of Tuesday's cash rate cut.
NZ dollar extends decline after China move
The NZ dollar falls further against the US dollar after the value of the yuan against the greenback was fixed lower.
$A down as rate cut spooks investors
The Australian dollar is being sold-off after the Reserve Bank cut interest rates to a fresh record low to help drive low inflation back to target.
$A sinks on oil price drop, rate cut
The Australian dollar has been the worst-performing currency in the past 24 hours on the back of combined pressure from a rate cut and falling oil prices.
NZ dollar falls after RBA rate cut
The NZ dollar follows the Aussie lower after the Reserve Bank of Australia cuts its benchmark interest rate.
$A plummets on oil price plunge, rate cut
A plunge in oil prices has further weakened the Australian dollar, which was already lower on the back of the Reserve Bank's cash rate cut.