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$A drops on US Fed comments
Upbeat comments from the US Federal Reserve have dragged the Australian dollar one cent lower.
Central banks weigh on kiwi dollar
The kiwi dollar has been given a double-hit from the Federal Reserve and NZ's Reserve Bank, which may take the chance to lower it further.
$A hits one-week low on US Fed comments
The Australian dollar remains weaker after dropping more than one US cent on the US Federal Reserve's comments on an improving US economy.
NZ dollar drops 2% in two hours
The kiwi has tumbled twice, firstly after the Federal Reserve's upbeat assessment of the US economy and then after a "dovish" Reserve Bank statement.
Fed's bullish turn sends US dollar higher
The US dollar has risen against the major currencies after the Federal Reserve called a halt to its bond-buying stimulus program.
$A plunges as Fed shows more optimism
The Australian dollar has fallen one US cent as the US Federal Reserve shows more optimism about the American economy.
NZ dollar dives after Fed outlook
A brighter than expected outlook for the US economy from the Federal Reserve sends the NZ dollar lower against the greenback.
$A falls one US cent after Fed statement
The Australian dollar has dripped one US cent after the Federal Reserve sounded more upbeat about the States' employment market.
$A higher ahead of FOMC decision
The Australian dollar is higher amid expectations of a dovish statement from the US Federal Reserve.
Kiwi firms before central bank statements
Upbeat business confidence in the latest ANZ Business Outlook survey has helped support the kiwi dollar.