Currency news

Dollar surges on rise in US inflation
The US dollar added more than 1.5 cents against the euro after the US Commerce Department reported that core consumer prices jumped 0.3 per cent.
$A higher in quiet trade amid USD weakness
The Australian dollar has edged higher because of a weaker greenback as traders bet on the prospect of a US interest rate rise.
Kiwi slips over the past week
The kiwi dollar has lost ground over the week against the greenback and on a trade-weighted basis, as investors weigh the chances of rates cuts.
$A higher in quiet trading session
The Australian dollar is higher largely due to a weaker greenback as traders speculate on the timing of a US interest rate rise.
UK pound gains on strong consumer data
The major currencies were steady in slow foreign exchange trading.
$A edges lower
The Australian dollar is modestly lower at just under 79 US cents, though may fall further with little local news to drive trade.
NZ dollar hits four-year low against pound
After UK retail sales figures rose more than expected in April, the British pound touches a four-year high against the NZ dollar.
$A stronger after China manufacturing data
The Australian dollar has strenghtened after the release of weaker than expected Chinese manufacturing data which raised hopes of stimulus
NZ dollar holds near bottom of range
Expectations of a Reserve Bank rate cut have led to the kiwi dollar trading near the bottom of recent range.
$A softer in morning trade
The Australian dollar has weakened against the US dollar after the release of the minutes from the US Federal Reserve's April meeting.