Currency news

$A plunges as August rate cut looms
The Australian dollar has plummeted after the Reserve Bank slashed its inflation outlook, raising the chances of an August rate cut.
NZD gains to two-month high vs Aussie
The New Zealand dollar rose against its Australian counterpart after the Reserve Bank of Australia lowered its forecast inflation track.
$A fallen on weak commodities, strong $US
The Australian dollar is sharply lower and faces further headwinds from the US non-farm payrolls report for April due on Friday night (AEST).
$A lower, facing further downward pressure
The Australian dollar has managed to stay above 74.50 US cents since the Reserve Bank cut rates on Tuesday, but the currency is facing downside risks.
NZ dollar falls as greenback strengthens
The NZ dollar loses ground against the US dollar ahead of the release of key jobs data Stateside.
$A lower ahead of RBA statement
The Aussie has dropped almost half a US cent again, remaining in a holding pattern since the RBA cut rates on Tuesday.
Stronger trade data halts $A fall
Data showing Australia's trade deficit improving in March has halted the freefalling Australian dollar which is trading around 75 US cents.
NZ dollar edges up before RBA statement
The kiwi saw a slight rise against its Australian counterpart ahead of the Reserve Bank of Auatralia's monetary policy statement on Friday.
Shrinking trade deficit halts $A's fall
Figures showing Australia's trade deficit improving by almost 30 per cent to $2.1 in March have arrested the freefalling Australian dollar.
Investors selling off $A after RBA cut
The Australian dollar is dropping rapidly with nervous investors believing that the Reserve Bank is set to cut rates again.