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Currency news

$A continues to slide
The Australian dollar has hit another new six month low near 89 US cents, as the US dollar continues to strengthen in expectations of US rate rises.
Strengthening greenback sends $A lower
The Australian dollar remains under pressure as the greenback continues to surge.
$A heads lower as greenback strengthens
The Australian dollar remains around 89 US cents after the greenback hit a four-year high.
NZ dollar gains after National's win
The NZ dollar gains against the greenback after a decisive election victory for National to ensure a third term in government.
US dollar up; pound sells off after vote
The US dollar has hit a 14-month high against the euro.
$A bounces from six month low
The Australian dollar is bouncing back from the six month lows hit after the US central bank meeting, but fell against the pound after Scotland voted no.
Kiwi is slightly lower over the week
After hitting a seven-month low of 80.73 US cents, the kiwi dollar has regained some lost ground for a 0.2 per cent weekly decline.
Expected Scottish 'no' vote boosts pound
The pound gained more than one cent on the dollar, to $US1.6389, before the Scottish polls closed, with markets expecting a `no' vote.
$A recovering after US Fed losses
The Australian dollar remains below 90 US cents but has made some recovery since falling to fresh six-month lows.
NZ dollar advances ahead of election
A day out from the general election the New Zealand dollar gains ground against the greenback after weaker than expected US data.