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Commodity prices fall by 1.7 per cent
Commodity prices were down 1.7 per cent in March and fell 19.7 per cent in annual terms, weighed down by weaker iron ore prices.
Oil prices fall in New York
Oil prices are lower in the US, settling near the $US50 mark but London prices have held up on reports of production drops in the Middle East.
Commodity prices down again: RBA
Commodity prices fell by 0.9 per cent in Janaury, RBA figures show. Over the past year, commodity prices fell by 20.4 per cent.
Oil prices have reached 'bottom': Iraq
Oil prices have reached the bottom, Iraq's oil minister says, and are unlikely to fall any further.
Commodity prices slide throughout 2014
Commodity prices have fallen for the 12th month in a row, with iron ore and oil the biggest drags on value.
Global gluts hurting commodity prices
Commodity prices have taken a tumble in 2014, but the outlook for 2015 isn't much better as producers deal with oversupply issues.
Commodity prices down for 11th month
The RBA's commodity price index fell by 1.8 per cent in foreign currency terms to be down by 19pct though the year and by 40pct from the July 2011 peak.
Commodities slide continues
The slide in commoditiy prices since the peak in mid-2011 continued in October, with a 1.4 pct fall in the RBA's foreign currency index of commdity prices.
Oil prices edge higher
Better-than-expected data on Chinese growth in the third quarter has helped oil prices move higher.