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Thursday, February 7, 2013
CBA boss sells Paddington home for $3 millionBanking chief, whose salary increased to $8.1 million last year, made a tidy profit on the Victorian terrace.



Buying quality assets at below their true value is the key to successful investing. In 2012, we asked our sharemarket and property experts to name the Top 50 undervalued stocks and property locations respectively, including five standouts for both asset classes. Both produced outstanding results, with the Top 5 shares returning 19.5% (including dividends) and three of the Top 5 property locations showing growth of between 6.5% and 7%. Additionally, two locations grew between 2% and 3%. To help kick start the new year, we unveil the top stocks and property locations for 2013 to help you select some quality assets to add to your investment portfolio.


Bad renovations

Story Anne Lampe

Renovations are all the go but what about bad work? What if you’ve recently had your home renovated and found a number of defects? Is your builder obliged to remedy then? Money investigates your rights.


Paul Clitheroe says avoid chasing the crowd

Paul has a crack at a snapshot of how he sees markets in 2013, but his advice is take a look at where most money is flowing and this will be a very good place to avoid. When most of your friends, people you never heard of and the media tell you property is booming and do not miss out, it will not surprise you to find that prices are soaring. When money charges into shares and you see a big rise in prices, you will see money heading that way.


We want to help our grandkids

Story Paul Clitheroe

Helen and Peter put away $50 a month in each of their grandsons’ high-interest savings accounts. Peter is the trustee. They also purchase shares for the grandkids once the account reaches $520 as part of their long term strategy towards a deposit on a house. However Helen and Peter are concerned about the tax implications. Are there any other options for grandparents who want to save money for their grandkids? Paul delivers his verdict.


Four smart ways to use credit cards

Story Effie Zahos

Credit cards aren’t necessarily evil. In the right hands, credit cards not only give you access to free credit – minus, of course any annual or reward program fees applicable – they can offer lucrative rewards, chargeback rights and, for some home owners, the ability to save tens of thousands of dollars off their home loan interest bill without making a cent in extra repayments. Effie comes up with four smart ways to make credit cards work for you.


The guessing game

Story Effie Zahos

There’s talk about the big four banks cutting their interest rates out of cycle with the Reserve Bank, which is unheard of. So as a home owner, this leaves you thinking, should I sit on my variable rate or is it time to lock in a fixed rate? Should you split your loan between variable and fixed? Effie takes a closer look at what is now really a guessing game for home owners.


Free yourself from debt

Edited extract from Paul Clitheroe’s latest book

“Watching a juggler can be fascinating entertainment – and they make it look easy. Have a go yourself and, if you’re anything like me, you’re bound to find it anything but simple. Juggling multiple debts can be a similar story. Even if you’re dealing with a comparatively small number of debts, it becomes hard to keep an eye on everything at once and almost inevitably something has to give”. In this month’s issue of Money, you’ll find an edited extract from Paul Clitheroe’s latest book Free Yourself From Debt.


Be prepared

Story Ross Greenwood

“The stockmarket is always forward-looking. Forget it at your peril. The performance of the market since late last year has been nothing short of remarkable. Those who put their money in the bank, accepting lower rates in return for the safety of their capital, might now be rueing that decision,” says Ross. Ross warns that whilst there are investors that have enjoyed the ride, they should be prepared to react quickly.


Interview with Angus Raine

Story Deborah Light

If you’re in a family business – and want it to last beyond a generation or two in relative peace and prosperity – you might garner a few tips from Angus Raine. He’s the fourth generation in the company that bears his name so you’d guess he and his forebears have learned a thing or two about staying power. The corporate graveyard is crowded with dynasties, felled by bad succession planning, greed, disinterest or plain incompetence. Yet the company Angus Raine heads celebrates its 130th birthday this year and was recently inducted into Family Business Australia’s Hall of Fame. Deborah Light talks to Angus Raine, CEO of Raine & Horne.


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