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Reported by Emi Berry
Monday, October 1, 2012
CBA boss sells Paddington home for $3 millionBanking chief, whose salary increased to $8.1 million last year, made a tidy profit on the Victorian terrace.
Money magazine, October edition


From the author of Active Investing and Trade My Way comes sharemarket expert Alan Hull’s latest offering. It is all about DIY investors looking for simple, low-risk strategies for managing their shares. Hull begins with the basics of investing, the ins and outs of investing in blue-chip shares, and explains how to manage a portfolio for optimal capital growth and dividends.

Hull believes there are four critical skills that successful investors must master, such as timing the sharemarket to maximise returns, managing risk like the professionals, using charting and fundamental analysis to take advantage of opportunities, and hunting down and managing growth and income stocks.

Best read chronologically, the book uses both the stock and property markets to illustrate key concepts as there are a number of parallels between stock and property investors. Hull adds: “At every opportunity I have used working examples to illustrate ideas and concepts because I believe this is the best way to teach.”

Money has 10 copies to give away. See the October issue for more details.

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