Etihad offers bed and bath suites
MAY 05, 2014
Etihad will be offering swanky new suits on its flights, but they don't come cheap, with a trip from Abu Dhabi to London costing $A22,000. One way.
Cuba looks to medical tourism as income source
JUL 30, 2013
Football legend Diego Maradona blazed a path for Cuba to become a medical tourism destination when he traveled to the island for drug addiction treatment in 2000.
Top Game of Thrones travel destinations
JUL 04, 2013
If you are already mourning the end of series three and need to get your Game of Thrones fix before the next instalment hits our screens, you can get a taste of the action by visiting the locations where the epic program was filmed.
Experts restore ancient Egyptian relic after vandalism
MAY 29, 2013
Egyptian restoration experts have managed to remove graffiti from an ancient monument after it had been defaced by a Chinese tourist, the antiquities department said on Tuesday.
The world's best floating hotels
MAR 22, 2013
Dry land is over-rated. We've found the best watery retreats for those who fancy swapping terra firma for something less stable.
Palmer unveils plan for new Titanic
FEB 27, 2013
Flamboyant mining tycoon Clive Palmer has unveiled his plans for building a perfect replica of the Titanic - plus a lot of extra lifeboats.
World tourist numbers exceed a billion in 2012
JAN 31, 2013
International tourist arrivals exceeded one billion for the first time last year despite ongoing global economic uncertainty and numbers will rise further in 2013.
Snow claims hundreds of flights across Europe
JAN 22, 2013
Hundreds of flights were cancelled and road and rail traffic was severely disrupted across much of Europe on Monday as heavy snow and freezing weather gripped the continent.
Getting pushy Parisians to mend their manners
JAN 10, 2013
The "City of Light" may draw more tourists than most world capitals, but Paris less than sparkles to the legions of visitors shocked to find its residents can be rude, brusque and snobbish.
Dreamliner becomes nightmare for Boeing
JAN 10, 2013
Japan's All Nippon Airways said it cancelled a Boeing Dreamliner flight because of a brake problem, the third glitch to hit the next-generation aircraft in as many days.