Sacked over social media
It's a well-known modern maxim that you shouldn't put your name to anything online that you wouldn't want on the front page of a newspaper, but not everybody got the memo.
Survery ranks heaviest drinkers by occupation
A new US survey has revealed which occupations are likely to make you drink more.
Hollywood bargain actors
Chris Hemsworth is one of Hollywood's top actors when it comes to value for money, according to Forbes.
Hackers target Sony
We're betting Sony Pictures executive Amy Pascal is wishing email was never invented.
Lavish millionaire purchases
An Indian businessman by the name of Pankaj Parakh has celebrated his 45th birthday by parading the streets of Mumbai in a $230,000 solid-gold shirt.
Celebrity cash and weird charities
As Sydney philanthropist Deanne Weir announced she will be donating $1 million to women's services, we've taken a look at strange causes championed by celebrities.
Argentina probes tennis star del Potro's tax affairs
Argentine authorities have opened an investigation into the financial affairs of tennis star Juan Martin del Potro, who is suspected of tax evasion.
How the super rich spend their summers
The unapologetically wealthy teens featured in the Tumblr blog Rich Kids of Instagram are once again spending their northern hemisphere summer in over-the-top extravagance.
Millionaires who lost the lot and bounced back
It’s hard to deny a sense of schadenfreude when reading about the super-rich who end up with a severely depleted bank balance, especially when they’ve had a serious case of hubris.
Saudi prince robbed in Paris was 'playboy son of former king'
The Saudi prince who fell victim to a spectacular armed raid in Paris, losing 250,000 euros in the process, was the youngest son of the former King Fahd with something of a globetrotting playboy reputation, it emerged Tuesday.