Bob Dylan lyrics to headline $3-5 mn NY music auction
JUN 21, 2014
Handwritten song lyrics from legendary singer Bob Dylan go under the hammer in New York Tuesday, the most treasured possessions in a collection of rock memorabilia valued at $3-5 million.
Angela Merkel fails to answer Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? question
JUN 04, 2014
The German chancellor was the 'phone a friend' for politician Wolfgang Bosbach but when attempts were made to contact her it went through to answer phone.
Billionaire hit for $5.2 billion when he could have settled for $1 billion
MAY 23, 2014
A billionaire who just gave his ex-wife a record $5.2 billion in a divorce judgment had passed up an earlier opportunity to settle for $1 billion.
Billionaire's ex-wife awarded record-breaking $4.8 billion in divorce battle
MAY 20, 2014
A Russian billionaire has been ordered to pay more than $4.8 billion to his ex-wife to settle a six-year divorce battle.
Singaporean billionaire buys Valencia football club
MAY 19, 2014
Singapore billionaire Peter Lim, the new owner of Valencia, has realised a long-held dream by buying a top European football club -- and will hope for better fortunes than some of his fellow Asian investors.
$2 million Kickstarter campaign launched to find Amelia Earhart’s plane
MAY 13, 2014
A US pilot has launched a Kickstarter campaign to try and find Amelia Earhart's missing plane and her final resting place.
From flea market to $33m: lost Faberge egg emerges
MAR 21, 2014
One of the eight missing imperial Faberge eggs will go on show in London next month after it was purchased by a scrap metal dealer in a flea market in the United States.
John Lennon drawings, poems up for auction
MAR 18, 2014
The biggest private collection of John Lennon drawings, poems and prose ever to go to market will be sold by Sotheby's in New York later this year.
Silicon Valley billionaire buys record life insurance policy
MAR 17, 2014
An unnamed Silicon Valley billionaire has purchased the world's most valuable life insurance policy, worth $222 million.
Rich mums make the worst parents: report
FEB 18, 2014
Rich women make the worst parents, a new study claims.