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1   Australian Dollar =
0.7311   USD

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+0.0043 (0.59%)
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Latest AUS $ exchange rates

USD US dollar 0.7311 0.0043 0.59 0.7326 0.7258
EUR EU euro 0.6613 0.0063 0.96 0.6619 0.6547
CAD Canadian dollar 0.951 0.0037 0.39 0.9527 0.9463
NZD New Zealand dollar 1.0957 -0.0038 -0.35 1.1013 1.0941
GBP British pound 0.4683 0.0012 0.26 0.4703 0.4667
HKD Hong Kong dollar 5.6689 0.0354 0.63 5.6781 5.6255
IDR Indonesian rupiah 9844.64 63.37 0.65 9858.1 9771.96
JPY Japanese yen 90.46 0.9 1 90.58 89.37
SGD Singapore dollar 0.9994 0.0051 0.51 1.0006 0.9924
MYR Malaysian ringgit 2.7888 0.0142 0.51 2.7934 2.7689
DKK Danish krone 4.9352 0.0445 0.91 4.9391 4.8849
SEK Swedish krone 6.2409 0.0592 0.96 6.2551 6.1786
NOK Norwegian krone 5.9727 0.0336 0.57 5.9954 5.9333
PHP Philippine peso 33.233 0.138 0.42 33.322 33.031
THB Thai baht 25.51 0.18 0.71 25.57 25.3
CNY Chinese yuan 4.5408 0.028 0.62 4.5487 4.5071
Prices delayed by 20 minutes during market trading hours

Currency news

$A bounces from six year low
The Australian dollar is bouncing back as traders snap up the cheaper currency after its plunge of recent days.
NZ dollar gains as Beijing steps in
The New Zealand dollar rose after Beijing said it was continuing efforts to support the ailing Chinese stock market while locally traders await a speech by the Reserve Bank governor.
$A heading to 70 US cents, perhaps lower
The Australian dollar has lost a quarter of its value in the past two years, which begs the question: How low will it go?
$A down after Chinese equities slide
The Australian dollar has slipped further in the aftermath of China's sharemarket tumble.
Euro gets boost from eurozone growth data
A rise in German business confidence and signs of a pick-up in lending in Europe has given a boost to the euro.
$A falls after Chinese equities meltdown
The Australian dollar is weaker following an aggressive sell-off in Chinese equities.
Kiwi up against Aussie dollar
The New Zealand dollar has risen to a six-and-a-half week high against its trans-Tasman counterpart after a slump in Chinese equities markets weighed more heavily on the Australian dollar.
$A down after Chinese equities sell-off
The Australian dollar has lost ground after another meltdown on Chinese stock markets.
Aussie dollar falls below 73 US cents
Weak commodity prices have kept the Australian dollar trading within a narrow range below 73 US cents.
$A still below 73 US cents
The Australian dollar remains below 73 US cents, after dropping to a fresh six-year low over the weekend.

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