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Latest AUS $ exchange rates

USD US dollar 0.7334 0.0003 0.04 0.7334 0.7339
EUR EU euro 0.6455 0.0003 0.05 0.6458 0.6462
CAD Canadian dollar 0.9489 0.0002 0.02 0.9491 0.9498
NZD New Zealand dollar 1.094 -0.0012 -0.11 1.095 1.096
GBP British pound 0.4792 0.0002 0.04 0.4792 0.4796
HKD Hong Kong dollar 5.6837 0.0023 0.04 5.6837 5.6879
IDR Indonesian rupiah 9834.89 4.02 0.04 9834.89 9856.28
JPY Japanese yen 88.19 0.03 0.03 88.19 88.29
SGD Singapore dollar 1.0225 -0.0002 -0.02 1.0232 1.0239
MYR Malaysian ringgit 3.0326 0.0012 0.04 3.0326 3.042
DKK Danish krone 4.8173 0.0019 0.04 4.8173 4.8214
SEK Swedish krone 6.0098 0.0025 0.04 6.0098 6.0161
NOK Norwegian krone 5.926 0.0048 0.08 5.9275 5.9306
PHP Philippine peso 33.487 0.014 0.04 33.487 33.547
THB Thai baht 26.06 0.01 0.04 26.06 26.09
CNY Chinese yuan 4.6534 0.0019 0.04 4.6534 4.657
Prices delayed by 20 minutes during market trading hours

Currency news

US dollar tumbles versus euro
The US dollar has tumbled against the euro as investors weigh fading prospects of an interest rate increase even with Federal Reserve officials keeping a hike by year's end in play.
$A jumps as US Fed set to delay rate hike
The Australian dollar has soared to a six week high near 73 US cents as the US Federal Reserve's concern about a global economic slowdown dented the greenback.
NZ dollar gains on the greenback
The New Zealand dollar is heading for a 3.7 per cent gain this week as investors reassess their bets on when the Federal Reserve will start hiking interest rates, and calmer global markets stoke demand for riskier assets such as equities and commodities.
Australian dollar extends week-long rally
The Australian dollar has powered higher, extending a winning streak after US Federal Reserve policymakers cited a global China-led economic slowdown as a major concern.
US Dollar dips on inflation worries
The US dollar has fallen modestly against other major currencies after the Federal Reserve released minutes of its last policy meeting showing officials were worried about the strong dollar and inflation.
$A jumps as US Fed delays rate hike
The Australian dollar is firmer against the greenback, which sagged after US Federal Reserve policymakers appeared unsettled by signs of a global economic slowdown.
NZ dollar gains to six-week high
The New Zealand dollar rose to the highest level in more than six weeks after minutes of the last Federal Reserve meeting suggested its policymakers were more inclined to hold off raising interest rates.
$A hits three week high on FOMC minutes
The Australian dollar has surged after US Federal Reserve policymakers flagged concerns about the weakening Chinese economy and strong greenback.
$A's rally fades after hitting 3-week high
The Australian dollar is back below 72 US cents as the rally that was helped by the Reserve Bank's upbeat assessment of the economy on Tuesday starts to fade.
NZ dollar slips back below 66 US cents
The New Zealand dollar has slipped back from a six-and-a-half week high above 6 cents.

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