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USD US dollar 0.7043 -0.0003 -0.04 0 0
EUR EU euro 0.6281 -0.0004 0 0 0
CAD Canadian dollar 0.9261 -0.0002 0 0 0
NZD New Zealand dollar 1.0916 0.0002 0 0 0
GBP British pound 0.4638 -0.0003 0 0 0
HKD Hong Kong dollar 5.458 -0.0023 0 0 0
IDR Indonesian rupiah 10310.95 -4.39 0 0 0
JPY Japanese yen 84.43 -0.04 0 0 0
SGD Singapore dollar 1.0088 -0.0005 0 0 0
MYR Malaysian ringgit 3.106 -0.0013 0 0 0
DKK Danish krone 4.6858 -0.002 0 0 0
SEK Swedish krone 5.8865 -0.0025 0 0 0
NOK Norwegian krone 5.8937 -0.0093 0 0 0
PHP Philippine peso 32.771 -0.014 0 0 0
THB Thai baht 25.64 -0.01 0 0 0
CNY Chinese yuan 4.4765 -0.0019 0 0 0
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Currency news

US dollar weathers weak local jobs report
An unexpectedly dismal US jobs report temporarily caused the US dollar to sink.
$A falls ahead of US jobs figures
The Australian dollar is lower as traders wait for US non-farm payroll data, a key factor in the timing of a potential US rate rise.
NZ dollar little changed over week
The kiwi dollar has rallied through the latter half of the week as business sentiment improved and rising dairy prices boosted the economic outlook.
$A lower ahead of US jobs data
Caution ahead of key US jobs data that may influence the timing of a Federal Reserve rate hike is weighing on the Australian dollar.
US dollar steady before jobs report
The US dollar is steady as traders await US jobs data for September.
$A falls after US manufacturing data
The Australian dollar's rally ended after some US manufacturing figures disappointed the market.
$A lower ahead of key economic data
The Australian dollar's rally has petered out in cautious trade ahead of the release of local retail spending figures and US employment data.
NZ dollar little changed on foreign data
Some big economic reports from overseas have sent conflicting signals, leaving the New Zealand dollar little changed.
$A higher despite Chinese contraction
The Australian dollar has pushed back above 70 US cents after key Chinese manufacturing data was not as bad as expected.
Euro falls on eurozone deflation data
Official data shows eurozone inflation unexpectedly fell to a negative 0.1 per cent in September, spooking euro currency traders.

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