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New stats on hack attacks as it becomes the major risk in undermining brands, individuals, nations and governments
The returns on ethical investments might be better than you think

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New stats on hack attacks as it becomes the major risk in undermining brands, individuals, nations and governments ,

No man is an island. This old saying has new meaning in the cyber world and with over one billion people connected on social media life has changed forever. But as we find new ways to connect, follow, engage, like and share, there is increasing risk that our personal information may be breached, hacked, stolen or defaced.

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Should we trespass on online privacy for the sake of national security? ,

Mingling with intelligence officers last week it may be time to Get Smart and remain anonymous - you have the right to remain offline

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Google's shocking staff turnover shows Gen Y can’t get no satisfaction ,

Free five-star food, five months paid maternity, free yoga classes, regular cash bonuses and a hip working culture. Legendary dream job at Google? Not according to Generation Y.

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Abercrombie & Fitch's CEO told it how it was – so why the backlash? ,

When Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries said his brand was only for cool, young, thin and beautiful people in an interview in 2006 he could never have predicted the fall-out would land seven years later.

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Swan delivers an Alice in Wonderland budget ,

The budget this week was an "Alice in Wonderland" affair, from a shrinking cast to confusion in the main plot.

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We still use Margaret Thatcher's encounter with George Negus in PR training ,

A personal experience of Margaret Thatcher and her message to me growing up in London - to take responsibility - was a great lesson.

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Papal lessons for an Aussie pizza CEO ,

What Pope Francis' elevation to the head of the Papacy has to do with square-shaped pizzas in Australia.

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Rudd uses social media to steal the polls ,

Is Kevin Rudd in danger of becoming a nice chap? Twitter is helping to drive the polls in his favour.

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Lessons from Baywatch senior ,

Why Surf Life Saving leadership lessons from my Silver Medallion beach management course reflect my life.

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Floods, fires, back to school and election date – it’s all happening in the Year of the Snake ,

I’ve just been lucky enough to have a month off, my business plan is written and I am back at work raring to go in this soon to be Year of the Snake.

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